Agricultural Fabric Buildings

Supplying Custom Agricultural Fabric Buildings for Your Farming Needs

Constructing a farm building that meets all of your needs is difficult, but with Edge Innovations, Inc.’s agricultural buildings and structures, you can maximize your space, let in more natural light, and give your livestock the ideal environment to thrive in.

Types of Agricultural Buildings and Structures

Canada is one of the top agricultural exporters in the world. That’s why Edge specializes in providing fabric building solutions for farms across North America.

As an industry leader of innovative agricultural buildings and structures, materials, and techniques, we provide building service solutions for agricultural fabric buildings that come with warranty and financing options. We partner with prominent fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent agricultural buildings and structure solutions.

  • Dairy Barns
  • Fertilizer Buildings
  • Grain and Feed Storage
  • Cattle Barns
  • Hog Housing and Production
  • Manure Storage

As a comprehensive contractor specializing in agricultural buildings and structures, we walk you through the process of choosing the right fit for your temporary or permanent fabric structure.

Fabric Barns and Other Structure Benefits

With a fabric barn or any other type of agricultural fabric building, the translucent cover guarantees natural light, a positive change for your livestock and your budget. Edge’s agricultural buildings and structures are also equipped with a quick build rate, natural ventilation, and an environmentally friendly design. Thanks to our portable, pre-engineered structure design, our agricultural fabric buildings are expandable and portable, so you can take your fabric barn with you as your farm grows.

Edge’s agricultural fabric buildings are equipped with superior ventilation and a heavy-duty steel frame. No matter which structure solution you choose, all of our farm building applications have durable, long-lasting covers with a guaranteed warranty.

Our agricultural buildings and structures can be constructed on virtually any surface. With multiple foundation options available, our knowledgeable team can help you choose the best anchoring system tailored to your specific application.

Maximize Your Fabric Barn Space With Edge Innovations, Inc.

With our agricultural fabric buildings, you can make room for all of the equipment and tools you need to run your farm. Customize and maximize your livestock building structure so you can include feed troughs, shovels, and large farming equipment, like backhoes and tractors.

Agricultural Fabric Buildings: Warranty and Financing

Our customer-focused approach to providing industries with quality, affordable agricultural fabric buildings gives us the chance to offer flexible financing, leasing, and rental programs. You can even start planning your budget for an agricultural fabric building with our financing calculator. The Edge team makes it manageable to get the fabric barn you always needed. We’re known for helping our customers avoid upfront costs and providing detailed information on freeing up funds to accommodate your other expenses while benefiting from an Edge agricultural fabric building.

All of our permanent and temporary agricultural buildings and structures are meant to last. We guarantee the longevity of 15-25 years for structures made with our durable fabric and 15-40 years for our steel support structures. When you choose Edge Innovations, Inc., count on your structure to maintain its quality for years to come.

Riding Arenas and Structure Solutions

We provide environmentally friendly horse arenas and fabric rodeo structures for the Equine industry. Our fabric building horse arenas offer diverse options, such as insulation, attached barns, wash bays, and tack rooms.

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