Equestrian Arena Covers

A Comprehensive Contractor Specializing in Equestrian Arena Cover Solutions

Horses are your life. Worrying about the conditions of their barn or arena shouldn’t be on your to-do list. That’s why Edge Innovations, Inc. provides quality, safe fabric-covered horse arenas and horse barns where your horses can thrive with ease.

Fabric-Covered Horse Arena Structure Solutions

Horseback riding isn’t just about being the best in show—you need a healthy environment for your horse to thrive in. But every great rider also needs a quality place to practice and perform. That’s why Edge provides fabric-covered horse arenas for professional equine facilities across the North American region.

As a comprehensive contractor for fabric equestrian arena covers, you get every building service you need through a single point of contact. We work with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent fabric-covered horse arenas and other applications.

Riders and horses at your facility can have an enjoyable experience with our naturally ventilated riding arenas. Our durable equestrian arena covers offer natural lighting and are designed to reduce the intensity of shadows, giving your horses a spook-free environment. We use the revolutionary truss arch system to support your fabric-covered riding arena, so you get maximized space with plenty of room for your horse to gallop, trot, and canter with ease.

Fabric-Covered Horse Barns and Other Applications

Along with fabric-covered horse arenas, our comprehensive team of fabric structure contractors also provide you with an unbiased structure solution where your horses can live peacefully. Our fabric-covered horse barns can be customized to meet your horses’ housing needs and are equipped with custom financing options. Whether you need a small horse barn or a large facility with rows of covered stalls, the Edge team helps you choose the best structure and materials, resulting in a cost-efficient home for your foals, colts, mares, and stallions.

At Edge, we take our customized horse barn designs a step further. You can keep your horses warm in the winter with our barn insulation and easily add a tack room and wash bay to your structure, giving you all the tools and space you need to operate your riding facility under one roof.

Ride in All Kinds of Weather With Our Fabric-Covered Horse Arenas

No matter what the weather is like outside, enjoy doing what you do best with Edge’s fabric-covered horse arenas. Our riding arenas are low maintenance and durable year-round, allowing you to ride in the rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

Equestrian Arena Covers: Warranty and Financing Options

We take a customer-focused approach to provide quality, affordable fabric-covered horse arenas and horse barns, allowing us to offer flexible financing, leasing, and rental programs. We make it easy for you to get the equestrian arena cover you need for your riding facility with our financing calculator. We’re excited to help customers avoid upfront costs by offering detailed information on how to free up finances to accommodate other arena expenses while benefiting from an Edge fabric-covered horse arena.

All of our equestrian arena covers are meant to last. We guarantee 15-25 years for covered horse arenas made with our durable fabric and 15-40 years for our steel-framed horse barns and arenas. When you choose Edge Innovations, Inc., count on your fabric-covered horse arena to maintain its quality for years to come, allowing you to house generations of horses in one solid structure.

Agricultural Structure Solutions

Canada is one of the top agricultural exporters in the world. That’s why Edge makes it a priority to satisfy the industry by providing quality agriculture structure solutions for farms across the North American region. From cattle buildings to equipment storage, our durable fabrics have you covered.

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