Oil and Gas Fabric Structures

Solving Industry Problems With Our Oil and Gas Fabric Structures

Working with oil and gas involves ensuring your oil and gas fabric structure complies with industry standards. As a comprehensive building contractor specializing in oil and gas, Edge Innovations, Inc. handles compliance codes for you.

Providing North America With Quality Oil and Gas Buildings

As an industry leader based in Alberta, Canada, we are well-versed in contracting quality oil and gas buildings. Our country is home to about 10% of the world’s total crude oil reserves, which is why the Edge team stays up to date on best practices and solutions for building oil and gas fabric structures while ensuring that each building design complies with industry standards. We know the daunting tasks that oil and gas experts perform, such as crude petroleum exploration, drilling, and extraction. Our team of building professionals consider these industry activities when designing, planning, and constructing an oil and gas fabric structure for your oilfield.

With Edge as your comprehensive contractor, you get design-build services with financing options through a single point of contact. We work with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent fabric building solutions.

Edge Innovations Team Installing new fabric structure

Oilfield Buildings and Other Applications

Our oilfield buildings and other oil and gas fabric structures can be constructed on virtually any surface. With multiple foundation options available, our team of comprehensive contractors helps you choose the best anchoring system customized for your application.

  • Concrete Lego Blocks
  • Screw Piles and Earth Anchors
  • Concrete Slab/Asphalt
  • Concrete Piles
  • Wooden Posts
  • Sea-Can Containers

Edge has experience in constructing high-quality oil and gas fabric structures for specific needs. From drilling enclosures, pump station enclosures, and general material storage to workforce housing, Frac sand storage, and construction camp facilities, our comprehensive line of fabric building solutions, such as our truss arch fabric buildings, provide simple solutions for complex industry problems. When you choose Edge, count on seeing customer satisfaction at the center of the solution.

We’re Here in All Kinds of Weather

Edge’s oil and gas fabric structures can be customized up to 250 feet wide and in any length for temporary or permanent structures. No matter what harsh weather conditions come at us, our building solutions always conquer industry challenges.

Oil and Gas Building Warranty and Financing Options

All of Edge’s oil and gas fabric structures are meant to last. With us, you get an unbiased perspective and peace of mind that your oil and gas building will remain in high-quality condition for years to come with our guaranteed warranty. We’re confident that our durable fabric structures last 15-25 years while our steel support structures, such as our blast-proof buildings, last 15-40 years. When you choose Edge Innovations to construct your oil and gas fabric structure, rest assured you made a sound business investment.

Our customer-focused approach allows us to offer flexible financing, leasing, and rental programs for oil and gas fabric structures . You can even start budgeting for your structure with our financing calculator. We pride ourselves on getting your business the oil and gas building you need for your worksite. Our team commits itself to helping you prevent upfront costs and offering detailed information on how to free up finances to accommodate other oil and gas industry expenses while benefiting from an Edge oil and gas fabric structure.

A Building Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry

As an oil and gas fabric structure expert, we recommend blast-resistant buildings for your oilfields and worksites. Our team works with industry experts to determine the best blast-proof design for your industry needs. Decrease your company’s liability today with our blast-resistant buildings.

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