Indoor Sports Structures

Providing Affordable Indoor Sports Structures for a Wide Range of Activities

For sports fans and athletes, there are few things worse than missing a game due to harsh weather conditions. But with Edge Innovations, Inc.’s indoor sports structures, you can protect athletes and provide fans with a safe place to cheer.

Prefabricated Sports Pavilions and Other Applications

Our prefabricated sports pavilions can host a wide variety of activities. From indoor golf, running tracks, and basketball courts to sporting facilities equipped with artificial turf for reduced player injury, Edge has experience constructing indoor sports structures for many organized games and activities.

  • Gymnasiums
  • Recreational Centers
  • Indoor Soccer Fields
  • Covered Tennis Courts
  • Indoor Ice Rinks
  • Auditoriums
  • Club Houses
  • Event Shelters
  • Equipment Storage
  • Fitness Centers
  • Practice Facilities

Edge’s air-supported building structures are a quality solution for a sports complex. Capable of combatting inclement weather, such as high winds and heavy snow, our air-supported buildings allow professional and recreational athletes to participate in sports and leisure in al kinds of weather weather.

An Innovative Indoor Athletic Facility Design With Financing

Our indoor athletic facility designs allow for maximum use of interior space, more natural sunlight for energy efficiency, and an environmentally friendly place for teams to bring their best game. We recommend using our truss arch system to give your facility exceptional height and clearance, preventing low ceilings from interfering with games and other physical activities.

With Edge as your comprehensive contractor, you get design-build services for a quality sports complex with several options for financing. We work with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent indoor athletic facility designs.

Play Your Best Every Time With Our Indoor Sports Structures

Your team players can be ready to play an exciting game every time with our affordable indoor sports structures. Store your equipment, create a comfortable environment, and construct a seating solution for fans with our innovative indoor athletic facility designs.

Insulated Fabric Buildings: Warranty and Purchasing Options

Our customer-focused approach to providing unbiased perspectives on insulated fabric building allows us to offer flexible financing, leasing, and rental programs. You can even start planning for your indoor sports structure with our financing calculator. The Edge team makes it manageable to get the insulated fabric building you always wanted for your sports and recreational activities. We’re known for helping customers prevent upfront costs and providing detailed information on innovative ways to free up funds to accommodate other business expenses.

All of our permanent and temporary insulated fabric buildings are meant to last. Rest assured that your building will be around for 15-25 years when using indoor sports structures made with our fabric and 15-40 years for our steel support structures. When you choose Edge, count on your sports complex to maintain its quality for years to come.

Air-Supported Structure Solutions

Some of the most notable recreational centers are indoor sports structures constructed from air-supported buildings. Inflatable buildings are considered a high-quality solution for combating common professional and recreational sporting issues, such as inclement weather conditions.

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