Fabric Building Cover Replacement

Providing Streamlined Replacement Services for Damaged and Aging Coverall Fabric Buildings

Whether resulting from a machinery accident or a severe weather event, sometimes coverall fabric building materials are damaged beyond repair. As long as the structure’s frame is viable, Edge Innovations, Inc. provides replacement covers for all brands of storage buildings

Our Replacement Fabric Building Cover Services

Edge Innovations designs and installs coverall fabric buildings to provide long-term storage solutions. Like any structure, no fabric building is indestructible. If age, flying debris, extreme conditions, or even a catastrophic mishap has severely damaged your cover, turn to Edge’s replacement fabric building cover services.

Our comprehensive fabric building cover replacements are available for structures we installed and those supplied by other contractors. We use precise measurements to ensure your replacement cover fits exactly as it should. Edge also provides you with industry-leading fabric and material options to choose from. 

No matter the size of your fabric cover or building system, we send our team of replacement specialists to your site to perform all necessary services. When you choose Edge Innovations, you’re working with North America’s most innovative coverall fabric building provider. 

Signs You Need a Fabric Building Cover Replacement

Whether you use your fabric structure as a riding arena or for equipment storage, several signs indicate replacing your fabric building cover is required. One of the most common reasons people reach out to Edge for cover replacement services is aging material. Under typical conditions, the expected lifespan of fabric structure covers is 15 to 25 years. 

Excessive natural light and UV rays may cause premature fabric building cover replacement as well. Over time, extremely sunny conditions break down and wear out fabric roofing materials. As the material weakens, it can let in water or other elements. The presence of water is especially detrimental for warehousing structures. If your cover looks sun-bleached or is letting in more light than before, consider replacing your cover.

Small tears or holes are suitable for fabric building repairs; however, significant abrasions and punctures are best addressed with a replacement fabric building cover. If you notice loose-fitting or sagging cover material, the ideal solution is a fabric building cover replacement. Loose material eventually gives way, which could wipe out your inventory of materials and products if the cover fails. 

Sometimes your coverall fabric building needs an updated look. Edge’s replacement services also include customizing a cover to give your business a fresh, exciting new look. You can choose a color scheme or pattern to accentuate your company’s look and feel. 

Streamlined Fabric Building Cover Replacements

If you’ve noticed damage to your coverall fabric building material, or it’s been destroyed, reach out to Edge Innovations. We have the experience and knowledge to perform fabric building replacements on structures we installed or those done by others. 

Coverall Fabric Building Warranty

As part of our commitment to providing customers with the best possible experience, we guarantee the buildings and covers we install. Most fabric structures have a lifespan of 15 to 25 years, including our budget-friendly economic building structures. Our steel frame structures, like truss arch buildings, are guaranteed for 15 to 40 years.

If your coverall fabric building sustains substantial damage while still under warranty, you may require a manufacturer consultation. For damages caused by inclement weather, natural disaster, or other causes out of your control, Edge Innovations approves the claim and contacts the material manufacturer on your behalf. 

Once the manufacturer receives and approves your claim, your replacement may be covered by the warranty. The experienced fabric building cover replacement team at Edge handles services ranging from tears to rusting frames.  

Fabric Building Repairs

Choosing between repairing or replacing fabric building covers can be difficult. You want to choose a solution that is both cost-effective and geared towards future success. When possible, Edge’s repair services are a budget-friendly alternative to replacing fabric building covers. Some of the issues that Edge Innovations can often repair include:

  • Minor fabric tears and rips
  • Water stained fabric
  • Pooling water
  • Air easily traveling through the material 

One of the innovative approaches Edge takes is do-it-yourself fabric building repair kits. If your fabric building cover has a small rip, we can send you a fabric building repair kit to address the issue on your own quickly. The kit contains step-by-step directions on how to make repairs and industry-leading fabric building repair tape. 

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