Geodesic Dome Buildings

Providing Quality Geodesic Dome Buildings for a Variety of Industries

Weather is unpredictable. You shouldn’t have to worry about protecting your work materials when a storm is brewing. With Edge’s innovative industrial dome buildings, you can have peace of mind that your goods are safe and sound.

Innovative Geodesic Dome Building Designs

As a comprehensive contractor for fabric building solutions, Edge gives you a design-build industrial dome building solution with financing options from a single point of contact. We work with well-known fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on both temporary and permanent geodesic dome buildings.

Our industrial dome buildings are designed with a thin-shell structure and triangular elements that are extra rigid to evenly distribute stress throughout the frame, making industrial dome buildings extremely strong while using very little building material. Designed with galvanized steel frames that are covered with a thin architectural membrane such as polyester or ETFE foil, geodesic dome buildings are energy efficient and protect materials from the elements.

Edge Innovation Geodesic dome structure

Available in custom sizes up to 200 meters wide, geodesic dome buildings are recommended as a solution for:

  • Bulk Storage
  • Agricultural Storage
  • Industrial Storage
  • Mining Storage

Dome storage buildings require little time to assemble. The materials inside industrial dome buildings are protected from harsh elements, and heating and cooling exposure is decreased due to their spherical design. The concave interior allows for natural airflow, so hot and cool air can flow evenly throughout the dome for energy efficiency and cost savings.

Geodesic Dome Applications With Financing Options and a Long-Lasting Warranty

Edge offers flexible financing and leasing options to help you manage your industrial dome building purchase. It’s our goal to make your fabric structure purchase a sound business decision. You can easily avoid upfront costs that could potentially tie up your credit line when you finance your structure with Edge. Our financing options allow you to customize a payment plan that works with your budget, allowing you to make payments over the span of months or years. Start now with our financing calculator.

All of our fabric structures are built to last. We guarantee a lifespan of 15 to 25 years for structures made with fabric building materials and 15 to 40 years for our steel-supported structures, including our geodesic dome buildings. When you choose Edge for your geodesic dome applications, you can be rest assured that your structure maintains its quality for years to come.

Protect Your Materials From the Elements With Industrial Dome Buildings

Our geodesic dome buildings are strategically designed to protect your industry materials from harsh elements that are beyond your control.

Choose Edge for Your Industrial Dome Buildings and Beyond

We’re a well-rounded contractor for innovative building structures. That means our industrial dome building solutions are explained in detail, resulting in a top-quality solution for fabric buildings.

Edge provides an unbiased perspective on industrial dome buildings for customers all over North America. We have experience constructing blast-proof structures for the military, temporary housing structures for disaster relief, grain and feed storage for farming uses, and onsite facility workshops for the construction industry. Our values are to maintain superior customer service, give accurate feedback, offer trustworthy and honest solutions, and implement product safety in all of our projects.

Economical Building Structures

We also offer durable economic building structures for permanent and temporary industry needs. These structures are ideal for storing materials that require limited human access, and there’s no need to worry about complying with strict industry codes.

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