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Providing Comprehensive Fabric Structure Services for North America

With locations in the United States and Canada, Edge Innovations, Inc. offers innovative fabric building structure services for a wide range of industries. Whether you need an installation, repair, or replacement, count on us—we’re the experts.

Quality Fabric Building Solutions From a Single Source

As an industry leader in innovative building structures, it’s our mission to supply high-quality building structures, materials, and techniques to a wide range of industries across North America. 

Edge challenges the fabric structure status-quo by providing a comprehensive approach to quality services. From initial site analysis to installation, repair, and replacement services, you get everything you need to build and maintain a quality fabric structure from a single source.

Our Fabric Structure Services

  • Site Analysis Services

    Our team of experienced engineers and contractors provide you with a detailed site analysis, determining the type of fabric building structure that works best with the environment. Our fabric buildings can be constructed on virtually any surface. During the initial site analysis, Edge guides you through the best anchoring system for your specific application.

  • Planning and Designing Fabric Structures

    As a comprehensive contractor for fabric building solutions, we handle every step of the planning and design process. Whether you need a temporary or permanent fabric structure, it’s our mission to design your vision and make it a reality. Founded on construction training that dates back to 1974, Edge knows industry best practices for creating a quality design-build solution that meets your needs. 

  • Dismantle Services

    If you have an existing building or fabric structure that needs dismantling before we begin construction, Edge has you covered. Our team of contractors arrive onsite and takes care of everything, from safely breaking down the building to recycling your materials.

  • Fabric Structure Installation

    As innovators in the building industry, Edge knows best practices and standards for fabric structure installation. All of our structures have quick turnaround times, giving you a hassle-free installation that results in a quality structure.

  • Fabric Structure Repair Services

    Fabric buildings are durable and long-lasting, but accidents can happen that require our fabric structure repair services. Whether your structure is aging or damaged from extreme weather, Edge Innovations can help. 

  • Fabric Building Cover Replacement

    The beauty behind fabric building structures is that if it’s damaged beyond repair, Edge can take measurements of the framework and install a fabric building cover replacement. No matter the brand of building, we can provide you with top-quality fabric and materials from prominent manufacturers. 

Offering Quality Structures With Financing Opportunities

We have a customer-focused approach that allows us to offer flexible leasing and financing opportunities, making your structure payments affordable and manageable.

Explore Our Fabric Building Structure Systems

Edge has experience in installing, repairing, and servicing a wide range of fabric building structures for many different applications and industries. Choose from our:

Truss Arch Fabric Buildings

The truss arch fabric building system is a versatile solution used in a wide range of industries for various needs. From holding sports and recreational games and tournaments to protecting aircraft carriers from unpredictable weather conditions, truss arch fabric building structures are installed with ease and are both customizable and expandable. 

Economy Fabric Structures

Edge’s cost-effective building structures are marketed at a price point that’s lower than the standard structure. Our economy building solutions are the most competitive price on the market today, so if you’re looking for a building solution that requires little to no design and construction and saves you money, look no further.

Air-Supported Buildings

Our custom-tailored air-supported buildings are a crucial solution for gymnasiums and other structures where physical activity is the facility’s main purpose. This state-of-the-art structure combats inclement weather conditions, such as high winds and heavy snow loads to allow professional and recreational teammates to participate in activities, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Geodesic Domes

Edge’s dome buildings are designed with a thin-shell structure and use triangular elements that are structurally rigid to evenly distribute stress throughout the frame, making industrial dome buildings extremely strong with little building materials. Available in custom sizes up to 200 meters wide, materials stored inside domes are protected from the elements.

Blast Proof Structures

We visualize the bigger picture of your blast resistant design. Our team works with industry leading engineers and building manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on the best design and fabric for your blast proof building. We have experience providing durable, long-lasting blast resistant structures with financing options for a variety of industries.

Comprehensive Contracting for Long-Lasting Structures

Because we’re a comprehensive contractor, you don’t have to outsource services and materials from multiple vendors to complete your building. From construction professionals laying the foundation to licensed contractors installing automatic doors, your entire project is initiated and wrapped up with us. The Edge team walks you through every step of the building process from start to finish. Once your project is complete, what’s left standing is a customized, easily maintained fabric structure solution.

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