Supplying Custom Fabric Structures for Your Industrial Equipment Storage

As a fabric building structure industry leader, Edge Innovations, Inc. partners with prominent fabric and building material manufacturers to provide a wide range of industries with semi-permanent and temporary shelters for equipment. Our industrial equipment storage structures are cost effective and have a very short turnaround time.

Permanent or Temporary Shelters for Equipment

Whether you need permanent or temporary shelters for equipment, Edge creates strategically designed fabric structures for small to heavy equipment storage. Our fabric warehousing and storage structures are highly customizable to meet a wide range of industries’ equipment storage needs. They are the ultimate equipment storage structure solution because of their quick turnaround, fast construction timelines, and cost efficiency. Semi-permanent and temporary shelters for equipment are not as heavily regulated as traditional buildings, making them easier to install.

You can customize the size of your fabric building structure up to 200 meters wide and include various amenities that address specific needs. Our innovative geodesic dome building and economy designs are the ideal storage solution for a variety of industrial market needs, including:

Didn’t see your industry listed? No worries, our expert team can help you with any equipment storage structure needs.

Innovative Geodesic Dome Building Designs

Edge’s geodesic dome buildings require little time to assemble. Our dome buildings protect materials and equipment from harsh elements, and heating and cooling exposure are decreased due to their spherical design. Each dome’s hollow interior allows for natural airflow so hot and cool air can flow evenly throughout the dome for energy efficiency and cost savings. Whether you are warehousing products or need construction equipment storage, geodesic dome buildings provide the long-term storage and protection you need.

Maximize Your Equipment Storage Structure Space With Edge Innovations, Inc.

With Edge’s equipment storage structures, you can make room for all the equipment and tools you need to run your farm, construction site, or mine. Customize your permanent or temporary shelter for equipment to meet your industrial equipment storage needs.

Cost-Effective Heavy Equipment Storage Structures

Edge offers the most cost-effective industrial equipment storage structures in the fabric building industry. Whether you need permanent or temporary shelters for equipment, Edge’s economic building structures are an affordable, durable, and versatile solution that can be constructed on any surface. Our economic building structures do not require support posts or beams, allowing for maximized onsite storage space with plenty of room for large mining, agricultural, and construction equipment storage.

Edge Offers Multiple Purchasing Options

We offer flexible financing and leasing programs as well as rental options to help your storage facility project fit your budget.

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