Economic Building Structures

Providing You With Temporary or Permanent Economic Building Structures

Edge Innovations, Inc. has a comprehensive line of economic building structures manufactured from affordable, durable materials for your industry needs.

The Most Cost-Effective Building Structure on The Market

As an industry leader of innovative fabric building structures, materials, and techniques, Edge develops unbiased solutions for cost-effective building structures that come with warranty and financing options. We’re a comprehensive contractor, so we partner with prominent fabric and building material manufacturers to give you an unbiased perspective on temporary and permanent economic building structures from a single point of contact.

Edge offers the most cost-effective building structures in the fabric building contracting industry for permanent or temporary uses. When you purchase an Edge building system, rest assured that you’re getting an affordable, durable, and versatile solution that can be constructed on any surface.

  • Make the most out of any space
  • Allow for maximum onsite storage
  • Can store equipment or machinery
  • Are customized for temporary or permanent solutions

Our economic building structures do not require support posts or beams, allowing for maximized onsite storage space with plenty of room for large equipment and machinery.

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Economic Building Structures: Cost-Effective, A Long-Lasting Warranty, and Finance Options

Edge’s cost-effective building structures are marketed at a $10,000 to $20,000 price point that’s lower than a standard structure, giving our economy building solutions the most competitive price on the market today. If you’re looking for a building solution that requires little to no design and construction and saves you money, our economic building structure is the right option for you. All of our fabric building solutions come with a 15-25 year warranty and allow for financing and leasing plans to boost your cash flow. You can even start budgeting for your economic building structure with our financing calculator.

A perfect building system solution for storage that requires little to no human access, such as storing hay or tires, our economic building structures have no building design or engineering involved, resulting in no code compliance standards to follow. This structure is an ideal solution for storing in the agricultural or construction industries where there’s limited or low occupancy in the structure regularly.

Offering Economic Building Structures for a Wide Range of Industries

Our durable building materials are perfect for supporting cost-effective structures for your permanent and temporary project needs. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

Choose Edge for Your Economic Building Structures and Beyond

Edge is not a building fabric manufacturer, but we are a contractor. That means all of our building solutions are explained in detail with an unbiased perspective, resulting in cost-effective, unbiased solutions.

We provide custom economic building structures for customers all over North America. Edge has experience constructing riding arenas for the equine industry, temporary housing projects ideal for disaster relief, grain and feed storage for agricultural and farming uses, and onsite workshops for the construction industry.

It’s our mission to maintain superior customer service, give accurate, concise feedback, offer trustworthy and honest solutions, maintain a quality-proven record of satisfied customers, and implement product safety and accountability in all of our projects. Contact Edge today, the industry leader of innovative building structures and solutions.

Providing Structure Solutions for Construction Sites

Edge provides the construction industry with a wide range of valuable fabric structures. From heavy equipment storage to onsite workshops, rely on us to keep your equipment in quality condition while giving your employees an efficient work environment.

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